Money Transfer Requirements

(Important Requirements for sending money online to Ghana)

Documents we accept at Unitylink Financial Services


Acceptable forms of ID:

  • Passport: all countries
  • National ID: issued in the UK or EEA
  • Resident permits: issued in the UK or EEA
  • Driving licenses: issued in the UK
  • UK Biometric Residence Card


To be accepted, the document must:

  • Bear a picture
  • A clear colour image of the document
  • Image with no glare
  • Be readable.
  • Full image of ID document showing all corners of the document
  • Bear a full name as registered in our system.


Acceptable Forms of Proof of Address:

  • Bank, Building Society, or Credit Card statements issued by a regulated financial sector firm in the UK or EU – Not more than 3 months old. This must not be a printout from an ATM.
  • Full or Provisional UK Photocard Driving Licence.
  • Utility Bill – Electricity, Gas, Water, Landline Phone Bill not more than 3 months old – Utility Company Letters and Mobile Phone bills are not acceptable.
  • Council Tax Bill or Statement – Not more than 3 months old.
  • DWP or Local Authority benefit letter of entitlement.
  • HMRC document such as PAYE coding notice or statement of account – Not P60’s. Mobile phone bills or delivery letters are not accepted


Acceptable Forms for Source of Funds:

  • Last 3 months Bank or Building Society Statements – this may be for a current and/or savings account to provide evidence of the source of funds.


We may require additional documents to support the bank statement provided

  • Loan agreement form – not a letter.
  • ‘Property Sold’ documentation from a solicitor.
  • Pension Statement from a known pension provider.
  • Last 3 months Wage slips.

Acceptable Forms of Proof of Occupation:

  • Work/Employment contract or Wage slips (last 3 months).


Unitylink Financial Services is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

All the information you provide will be securely stored under our privacy policy and is used for identification, verification, and regulatory purposes only.