About UnityLink

UNITYLINK Financial Services is a non-bank financial institution authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and registered with the HMRC in the United Kingdom to provide money transfer and other related business services.

The UnityLink brand has traded for over two decades with exemplary, professional experience as the most trusted independently-owned remittance company in Europe devoted to serve the European-African remittances corridor. Our core values are founded on total customer satisfaction; this has enabled us to provide the best, secure, fast and efficient money remittance services with most major banks in our destination countries.


UnityLink’s vision is to be the fastest and most reliable global money remittances company by linking people with money


To provide unparalleled customer responsiveness and bring the service closer to every customer by leveraging on our expertise and infrastructure through the building of long lasting and profitable relationship with our partners and customers, in this very competitive market.

The UnityLink Group has through this ethos held its market share. The Group currently offers funds remittance services largely to Africans living in the diaspora and is currently looking to expand its portfolio worldwide.

The business started in the Netherlands in 1993 and then expanded to the UK using a branch and partner network.

We offer mobile money, cash pick up, bank deposit and airtime services. UnityLink will send you a free SMS text messaging for your peace of mind to confirm your transaction and you can send the payment reference to your recipient. We also offer the option of tracking your transaction online.

Unitylink management team are dedicated to ensuring our customers always come first.