Cash Collection

You can pick up cash at any UnityLink collection points through our network of banks and partner pay-out centres wherever you live. Monies transferred are ready to be picked up instantly through any of our paying banks or Partners below. Some of our pay out banks open on Saturdays and Sundays please check with your bank for further details.

With over 3000 collections points, customers can collect their remittances from any location. View Collection Points

Send Money

4 ways to send money

Mobile Money

Send money to your loved ones straight into their mobile wallets. All you need is their name and mobile number.

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Cash Pickup

Send money to be collected in cash by your loved ones at any of our affiliated banks and Cash Pickup partner outlets.

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Bank Deposit

Send money directly to any bank account in Ghana and affiliated banks in other African countries. All you need is the receiver’s name and account details.

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Airtime Top up

Send Airtime Top-Up credits to any pre-paid mobile phone number worldwide.

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